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What is Sora, and what new impact will it have on the intelligence field?


Sora AI, a groundbreaking system, revolutionizes video creation by turning text prompts into realistic, high-definition videos. This remarkable technology not only propels advancements in AI multimodality but also drives significant demand for optical modules. With Sora, the era of realistic and detailed video creation has arrived, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors and fueling innovation across related industries. Explore how Sora AI is shaping the future of AI and optical technology today!

Sora is a new artificial intelligence system that can create realistic videos based on user's text prompts, even generating one-minute-long high-definition videos while maintaining visual quality. The emergence of Sora has had a profound impact on both the AI field and optical modules.

First, the emergence of Sora has driven leapfrog development in the field of AI multimodality, ushering in profound changes in related areas such as AI creation. Compared to traditional AI video models, Sora has significant advantages in video length and detail processing. Sora can generate videos with "three-dimensional consistency," meaning that characters and visual styles remain consistent across multiple shots. Additionally, Sora can deeply simulate the physical laws of humans, animals, and the environment in the real world, which has important implications for areas such as autonomous driving and embodied intelligence for robots. Therefore, the launch of Sora is not only another technological revolution for OpenAI in the AI race but also a major breakthrough for the entire AI industry.

Second, the development of Sora will further increase the demand for computing infrastructure, thus driving the development of related industry chains. Video model training and reasoning are more complex and require more computing power. With the development of AI video models like Sora, the demand for optical modules will also increase. For example, 800G optical modules are expected to continue to be released in 2024, and the deployment process of future 1.6T will also accelerate. This will bring incremental cash flow opportunities to related industry chains and drive demand for computing power.

Finally, from an investment perspective, the release of Sora also provides investors with new opportunities. Besides investment opportunities in the application end, the demand for hardware will inevitably increase with the technological advancement of multimodality.

Overall, the emergence of Sora not only promotes the development of AI multimodality but also provides investors with new opportunities. At the same time, with the development of AI video models like Sora, the demand for optical modules will also increase, thus driving the development of related industry chains.

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